Scott Dorsch

Fiction writer in Western Michigan.

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About Scott

Scott Dorsch is a writer based in Muskegon, MI where he works as a professional coffee roaster. His work has appeared in The Midwestern Gothic, Dunes Review, Everything Change Vol. III, and translated in Nowa Fantastyka. He served as the fiction editor for Fugue Literary Journal while completing an MFA Creative Writing at the University of Idaho. Beyond writing, Scott is a gardener and certified wildlife tracker with a rock-climbing obsession. He is currently at work on his first novel and short story collection.

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Dune Review Cover Spring 2021 Scott Dorsch


Dunes Review, Spring 2021



Everything Change, Volume III

“Rai Olmstead stepped out onto the back porch that evening to bury his wife during a lull. The air seemed still, stagnant, though still blowing forty knots out of the west, pulling groans from the last of the gaunt pines and cedars lining the property. The sun, difficult to see, cast lazy pinks and opals on the horizon. A coffee can full of nails held the door…”

midwestern gothic literary journal summer 2018

Holes or Tunnels

Midwestern Gothic, Summer 2018

“The lake here has no bottom. There’s a whale-sized drain right in the middle with a nose and tail that keep stretching further out by the day. Dad says it looks like a blue-black buckeye from space. When boats sink from the big storms, the search party drinks a beer. No one ever comes back from that, they’d say for the paper…”


laurel wreath award scott dorsch


Summer Fishtrap


Wallowa, OR

laurel wreath award scott dorsch


Everything Change

Contest Finalist

ASU Imagination & Climate Futures Initiative

laurel wreath award scott dorsch


Good Hart 

Artist Residency

Good Hart, MI

laurel wreath award scott dorsch


Writing in the Wild


University of Idaho

laurel wreath award scott dorsch



Fiction Award

Northern Michigan University

laurel wreath award scott dorsch


Legler Memorial

Poetry Prize

Northern Michigan University

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